We are successively implementing the next steps in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) approach. As a modern company, we believe that environmental protection and social responsibility are an integral part of our daily work.
Thanks to the 190 photovoltaic panels installed on our roof, we have reduced CO2 emissions by about 88 715 kg from September 2019 to date, which is equivalent to 2 648 trees planted.
With the environment in mind, we invested in energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems. We also took care of proper thermal insulation of buildings and modern technological solutions (recuperation, low-emission building materials etc).
We make efficient use of sunlight, minimizing energy consumption. Modern solutions such as energy-saving LED bulbs, zone lighting, active motion and light sensors help further with reducing our C02 footprint.
We organize charity collections and take an active part in charity events (WOŚP, Noble Parcel, Help Ukraine). We also support the animal shelter, donating not only cash, but also all necessary supplies.
We make sure to actively participate in local events in the municipality and open a career path for students, through apprenticeships and employment.
We believe that with our values and a clear path, it makes sense to promote values related to the environment and social responsibility, thus contributing to the creation of entirely new standards.
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