Become our customer
Become our customer
Wondering if our company can meet your needs?
Thank you for your trust and interest in our portfolio. We strive to tailor solutions to the individual needs of customers, so we prepare a personalized proposal for each request. Register using the form and we will respond as soon as possible!
Benefits of cooperation
Personalized offer
Customization to meet individual customer needs
Support from a sales supervisor
Personal advisor and comprehensive assistance
Modern sales platform
Fully automated collaboration
Numerous promotional campaigns and loyalty programs
Favourable discounts and attractive prizes
In-house Programming Department
Extensive capabilities for instant system integration with customers
High level of knowledge
Traditional and online training for clients
Modern storage system
We continuously invest in logistical systems, so we can boast an innovative storage method integrated with the WMS system implemented in our warehouse. The system is optimized and adapted to the company's needs by our own programming department. The high-bay warehouse located at our headquarters has racking systems 15 meters high and allows safe storage of 11,000 pallets.
Advanced e-commerce system
We have our own platform for B2B customer service, which allows us to automate cooperation. Features such as a product comparison engine or a server rack configurator with the option to purchase a personalized product make the ordering process transparent and fast. Full freedom of action is also provided by the ability to manage as many as 9 shopping baskets. Our customers, moreover, can easily integrate with the platform using a fully proprietary API.
Advanced e-commerce system
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