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Read the most frequently asked questions about recruiting and working at Impakt.
What is the recruitment process like? How many stages are there?
The number of meetings depends on the particular recruitment process.  Typically, the recruitment process for office positions consists of 3 meetings. For warehouse positions, the recruitment process usually involves 1 meeting.
At the meeting we talk about the candidate's experience, interests and expectations. The candidate has the opportunity to learn more about the company, the department and the position for which he or she is applying. The candidate will also learn what the recruitment process for the position will look like. We are happy to answer questions if there are any doubts.
Meetings are held with the recruiter and the candidate's future supervisor. The presence of the aforementioned people at the various stages of recruitment depends on the recruitment in question.
Most recruitment, depending on the position, includes a stage in the form of a recruitment task, which can take place during or after the meeting.
If the advertisement listed foreign language skills among the requirements for the position applied for, then this can be verified.
Recruitment interviews take place at the company's headquarters in Mosina or online. The recruiter will inform the candidate during the phone interview.
As part of ongoing recruitment interviews, we always come back with feedback and do not leave candidates unanswered.
We attach great importance to the employee induction process. As a new person in the team, in parallel you will not only get to know the company and the characteristics of the work of each department, but also receive directional training for the position. From the very beginning you will be supervised by a Supervisor, that is, a person who will answer all your questions and support you in your activities. At Impakt, experienced people share their knowledge with others. Importantly - you will have a chance to talk about your progress during scheduled, regular discussions with your Supervisor.
We focus on development, so horizontal and vertical promotions are possible with us. The recruiter will be happy to tell you more about the development opportunities for the position during the interview 😉 !
Standard office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, it is possible to start work between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and finish between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. if this does not interfere with the duties of the position. The standard working hours of the warehouse are a two-shift mode.
We work every day to improve our work to make it more efficient and even more rewarding. This would not be possible without modern tools that allow us to improve communication and processes. These include, for example, Fortask - a project management tool, Gardens - a flexible ERP system developed since 2008 by our own development department, and dozens of other advanced solutions (Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, OTRS, our own CMS systems). We use each of them in a well-thought-out way, making sure that they are tailored to the needs of the organization, not the other way around.
We do not require a dress code. We are committed to making you feel comfortable and at ease at work. However, if you are representing the company, we may ask you to adjust your attire to fit the circumstances.
Do you want to know more? Contact us!
Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday
Office: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Warehouse: 6:00 - 19:00
Phone: +48 61 10 10 230
Impakt S.A.
Stanisława Lema 16 Street,
62-050 Mosina, Poland
Phone: +48 61 10 10 230
NIP: 783-17-20-485
Regon: 360441981

KRS: District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, IX Economic Department of the National Court Register no. 0000585900

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