Service regulations

The following Service Regulations refer to Customers within Poland. For information relevant to Customers outside of Poland, please contact your Trade Partner.

I. General Provisions

"These General Terms and Conditions of Service (hereinafter referred to as \"GTS\") govern the warranty and guarantee rights to which the Customers of Impakt S.A. are entitled for the purchase of products from Impakt S.A. (hereinafter referred to as \"Products\") and the terms and conditions of warranty services provided to Customers who have purchased Products covered by the warranty of Impakt S.A. from the distributor Impakt S.A. The GTS are binding on Customers who are entrepreneurs, i.e. entities purchasing the Products as part of their business activities."

II. Warranty for defects

"The warranty for defects of purchased Products shall be available to Customers if expressly provided for in the Product sales contract, in which case the provisions below shall apply. Otherwise, warranty rights for defects in purchased Products are excluded in full.
Claims under the warranty for defects of sold products may be filed by customers of Impakt S.A. - to the extent to which they are entitled to warranty under the contract concluded with Impakt S.A.
The warranty rights for defects of purchased Products may be claimed by customers of Impakt S.A. under the terms of the contract concluded with Impakt S.A.
In the absence of contractual terms to the contrary, the warranty rules provided for in the Civil Code shall apply, with the reservations provided below in points 5-6.
Impakt S.A. shall be liable under the warranty for defects of the Products if the defect is discovered before the expiration of one year from the release of the Product to the Customer.
The Customer is not entitled to submit a statement of reduction of the price of the purchased Product."

III. Warranty Terms and Conditions

"Impakt S.A. guarantees the purchased Products only to its Customers. Impakt S.A. shall not be liable for the liabilities of Customers arising from resale of the Products, in particular by virtue of consumer sales. Impakt S.A. shall not be liable for warranty obligations in case of resale of Products to entities purchasing the guaranteed Products from entities to whom the warranty has been granted.
Claims by virtue of the guarantee of quality of sold products may be made: Customers who purchased the product from Impakt S.A. or from a distributor covered by a service agreement with Impakt S.A. - when the product is covered by the Impakt S.A. warranty or manufacturer's warranty indicating Impakt S.A. as the authorized warranty service.
In the situation where Impakt S.A. is the authorized warranty service of the manufacturer of the Product for which the manufacturer's warranty has been granted, all claims under the manufacturer's warranty are due to the Customer against the manufacturer of the Product, not against Impakt S.A.
Impakt S.A. provides a warranty for the purchased Product starting from the date of sale of the Product to the Customer. The warranty is provided by Impakt S.A. only for the Products to which the appropriate warranty statement has been attached or the warranty for the Product results from the contract concluded with the Customer. In the case of a warranty provided by the Customer to Impakt S.A. or when the warranty is provided by a manufacturer for whom Impakt S.A. is not an authorized warranty service, the claim will not be processed by Impakt S.A.
Warranty periods for individual Products are indicated in the online product catalog available and on sales invoices. If the warranty period is not indicated as mentioned above, and Impakt S.A. has provided a warranty for a particular Product, it is assumed that the warranty has been provided for a period of one year.
The warranty claim period is 14 working days from the date of acceptance of the Product for servicing (28 working days if spare parts have to be ordered or the Product has to be repaired in a specialized service), nevertheless - in case of obvious legitimacy of the reported claim - Impakt S.A. takes action to replace \"on the spot\" the advertised Product with a new one.
If it is not possible to remove the defect, the Customer will receive a new Product, a Product with the same or similar technical parameters or a quantity adjustment depending on the current capabilities of Impakt S.A.. The correction can be issued only if the service acceptance will be provided by the Customer with the number of the purchase invoice or a copy of such document will be attached by the Customer.
The Customer forfeits warranty rights in case of using the Product inconsistently with its intended use, damage resulting from forces of nature and cataclysms, breaking of warranty seals, mechanical damage due to the user's fault, insufficient protection of the goods for the time of repair.
Complimentary products, gifts, prizes (including those sold at a nominal price on VAT invoices), are not covered by the warranty and are not subject to claims."

IV. Rules common to the exercise of rights under the guarantee and warranty

"Claiming a defective Product is possible only after the On-Line application has been completed, the application has been correctly filled out and the application has been accepted by Impakt S.A. There are two ways to submit a claim:
Purchase at Impakt S.A.: please use the RMA module in the eTrade system [click here] and follow the next steps.
Purchase from an Impakt S.A. distributor: please use the RMA template [click here] and follow the next steps.

Complained Products can be sent by mail or any courier service at the sender's expense or delivered in person to the service only with a properly completed service request and assigned RMA request number. Each package sent to Impakt S.A. must be marked with a request number (RMA label). Otherwise, the package will not be accepted by Impakt S.A.
Upon prior arrangement and approval by Impakt S.A., it is possible to ship the Product at the expense of the recipient, using a carrier designated by Impakt S.A., with which Impakt S.A. currently has a freight forwarding agreement. If the claim is unfounded, the shipping cost will be reinvoiced to the Customer. In the case described in the preceding sentence, the Customer will also be charged a handling fee for testing the Product and processing the claim in the amount from PLN 60 net plus the applicable VAT rate.
The address label with the RMA number in the form of a barcode generated by the system must be glued on the package of the advertised Product. The shipment must be sent to the address shown on the RMA label. Shipments directed to the company's headquarters will not be received despite the RMA number assigned. The cost of shipment to the Service is borne by the Customer, while the cost of return shipment is covered by Impakt S.A.
The Customer is obliged to provide the most accurate description of the Product defects. In the absence of a description, the Product will be checked in a general way, but this does not give certainty of detecting a defect. If an undescribed defect is not detected, the Product will be returned in the condition in which it was sent to the service.
Products returned or sent back to Impakt S.A. should be complete in their original packaging. Sending back incomplete products may extend the repair period and prevents the product from being exchanged for a new one and issuing a correction. It is possible to use replacement packaging instead of the original, but it must sufficiently protect the product from damage during transport. Impakt S.A. is not responsible for damage to the Product during transport to Impakt S.A.
In order for a claim to be considered, a defect in the Product must be reported to Impakt S.A. before the end of the warranty period for the Product and must be delivered to Impakt S.A. immediately. Verification of the warranty period is based on the serial numbers of the Product, the warranty card and/or the purchase invoice.
Products with an external manufacturer's warranty should be sent directly to the service indicated on the original warranty card. Impakt S.A. does not engage in mediation between the claimant and the manufacturer's service and is not responsible for the work of these services.
Impakt S.A. does not provide post-warranty service and commercial service for the products sold.
Should any provision of the GTS be considered invalid or ineffective, it will not adversely affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the GTS."
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